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5 Simple Ways You Can Become More Involved in Your Local Community Today

Men and women volunteering in their local community

There’s no doubt about it – St. Louis is a great place to live. From the amazing food (toasted ravioli and gooey butter cake, anyone?) to the eclectic neighborhoods, our city is full of talented people who are passionate about what they do. We as citizens of St. Louis have the unique opportunity to shape the direction that our community is headed. We have the ability to make our community even better than it is now, and when our community is strong, the members of the community will be stronger, too.

Here’s how you can get involved with your local community today:

Keep an Eye out for Local Events – Look at your local newspapers, listen to the radio, and watch the news. Find an event that you want to be a part of, look for the details, and go – it’s as easy as that!

Volunteer Your Time – There are so many ways that you can volunteer your time in your local community. From lending a hand at the local animal shelter to checking in on the elderly at nearby retirement homes, your time is always appreciated. Think about what you care about, reach out to the organization, and ask how you can give your time and efforts.

Donate What You Have – Don’t have time to volunteer? Consider donating! You can donate some old clothes that are still in good shape to local thrift shops or The Salvation Army or Goodwill stores. You can give some old books to your local library, give food to area food banks, or donate bed linens to homeless shelters. Don’t just throw things away – look to see if you can donate them to any local charities instead!

Shop Locally – Of course, you can always support your community by shopping locally. Instead of buying your groceries from those big box stores, purchase your food at locally-owned grocery stores and farmer markets. Buy presents for the upcoming holidays from local vendors. Our city has several unique shops that no other city has, so be sure to take advantage of this and keep your money here in town!

Create and Organize Your Own Event – Do you have an idea of how you can give back to the community? Grab a few friends and organize a fun event! You can host a car wash to help raise money for homeless shelters, create a special children’s event at the local library, or even put together treat baskets for children’s hospitals or nursing homes. Whatever you decide to do, your efforts will benefit the community, and you’ll have fun while you do it!

When the community benefits, the people in the community benefit. We know this because Reliance Bank is dedicated to serving the people in our wonderful communities. We are proud to build mutually beneficial relationships with our customers for the well-being of our great neighborhoods. You can learn more about how we give to the community by visiting us online https://reliancebankstl.com/about/community-development/!

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